Sep 19, 2009

87 Buick Grand National With 9 Miles!

Check out this amazing Buick GNX. This car was purchased new in 1987 by the employees of the Miller Brewing Company in an investment pool and stored at Miller for over 20 years. The car was started once per month, but never driven. It has only 9 original miles on it!

The GNX is 100% original. It is #482 of only 547 built. In fact, the window sticker is still on the window and the production chalk marks are still on the front window.

This car was recently listed on eBay for $95,000.

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  • I’m not buyin the whole “Never been driven” thig.The muffler’s all crunched and the crossmember looks like it hit a speedbump or sumthing pritty hard.It’s still a beautiful car.I’d rod the hell out of it!!

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