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580HP Audi R8 Razor GTR

One of my future rides.

One of my future rides.

I found this one while reading an article by Scott Evans. The Audi was already a beast. Someone now has raised its bar even higher. PPi Automotive Design in Germany broke out the wrenches on this one. I have been known to say that I didn’t really like the design of the stock version as much as everyone else, bit this treatment is making me smile.

This version is 551 lbs. lighter to make 3000lbs. With the supercharger, it gets up to 580HP and 443 ft lbs of torque. Its he;d up with adjustable coil over suspension and huge brakes to slow it down. Enough about the numbers…JUST LOOK at it. Ice cold!

Not sure if its for sale yet. Haven’t seen any numbers.

Auto Beef

First it was governments, then rappers, now cars? LOL. Heres some fun concept ads from rocketpunchautoblog.


Apr 20, 2009

How Low? How Big?


Are things getting out of control? At what point do you say to yourself, This is too much? What is the draw? So many questions? If you have large wheels or a slammed ride. Explain your interest!

Apr 20, 2009

Modern Gas Stations

Thanks to Adam Carollas Gas Rant, I can now speak on this topic now that he validated it. I have been bugged by this for years… Where is the customer service in gas Stations!? You get better service at your local ice cream parlor. What about combining IN-N-Out Burger style service and quality with a clean well thought out gas station. Also, Should one have to exit their car for a fill up?

Here are my top complaints about modern stations:

1. NO Mechanics on duty when you need them.
2. Bathrooms are hideous
3. Full serve is twice as much and they don’t even do FULL service.
4. Never any clean window cleaner in the buckets
5. AIR and Water required a FEE!
6. Pump Hoses aren’t long enough in case you park the wrong way
7. There’s no one line to wait in for a pump
8. Attendants are non-existent to help with minor issues
9. They let homeless people bother you while you pump
10. Usually not a safe place at night
11. NO RACE GAS OPTION FOR PERFORMANCE CARS! (or other alternative fueling options for that matter)

What bothers you the most about modern gas stations?

Mar 23, 2009


Nissan GT-R
Last night I saw something that gave me a mixture of emotions all at once. Now that I think about it’s kinda funny, but at the time I didn’t know what to think. It all began as I was returning home from my brothers house which is about an hour north of Los Angeles.

The scenario is, I have my kid sleeping in the back seat and girlfriend barely awake in the front. We’re rolling the 335i and I’m in relax mode. I was about 4 exits from my exit to get to my house when all of a sudden I look in the “fast” lane and I see a new gun metal Nissan Skyline!

This is where the mixed emotions begin. The first one was amazement. Like a kid seeing a new cool bike for the first time. Second, was jealousy. I knew right away this was some rich stuffy office bureaucrat who has money laying around and just bought it because some auto rag said it’s cool. Third was excitement because in my rear view, I see lights from a G37 approaching VERY fast.

I knew the G37 saw the GT-R at some point and he also was looking to get a better look at Mr. Stuffy Moneybags. As we both jock for position to get a better view, traffic decided to get congested (Did I mention that we’re all on the 405 in Los Angeles!). I slowly began to accelerate past some slower cars when the G37 noticed this move. As I get into position, I notice him flying past me and settles next to the GT-R. The GT-R decides to not play this game and the G37 takes off at a high rate of speed. So, since the GT-R isn’t gonna give us a show, I decide to chase the G37 to show him what my lil 335i can do.

Just as I decided to give it gas the GT-R WAKES UP! Whoooo!!! The roar of that thing turned a few heads and made a few people hit the brakes. He darts across 2 lanes in front of me and guns the throttle. I decide to chase him as best I can when he suddenly he jams on the brakes, coming 2 inches from a Toyota Camry’s bumper.

After this, I look back at my sleeping son and girlfriend and realized I was having a flash back from the old days and I wasn’t in control for a second. I was caught up in the moment. I was just so excited to see a super car owner (yes, I called it a super car) actually drive it like it was meant to be driven. Living in Los Angeles, you see so many people who own these types of cars, but drive them like commuter cars. Some even have their dogs on their laps and drinking a Starbucks!

Bottom line is this. If you spend over 60k on a car, you better be able to drive it. HARD. I think there should actually be a requirement for a race driving school in order to purchase one. Also, one mandatory track day per month. If you don’t want to do it then contact us here at Cars31!

– Drive Safe

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