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Helmet Art

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Just stumbled across this site. Kinda cool. Anything that makes bikers easier to see is good. As a designer, I can think of the possibilities.

Driving Monitor

switched_gpsWhoa, I’m GLAD life was relatively lo-tech when I was a teen. Kids today have it bad, that is if they like to speed. The Speed Demon monitors your kids speed and alerts you if he/she exceeds the speed limit. OUCH!

Using software developed, and currently being patented, by Fischer, the Demon can differentiate between a 70-mile-per-hour highway and a 30-mile-per-hour residential zone. The device can also be set to emit annoying noises inside the car, pestering the driver until legal speeds are met (though Fischer discourages the function because it may distract the driver).

Other teen-monitoring devices already exist in the marketplace, but most can be set to constantly track the suspect youths, while the Demon only keeps tabs on their driving practices. Fischer, spurred to action by the death of a fellow Lunenburg teenager in an automobile accident, told, “My device only alerts when you’re driving dangerously. Drive safe, and you get to keep your privacy.”

I think its an OK idea, but I can’t help but to feel for the poor kid who want’s to give it a little gas every now and then ;)

Belkins USB Cigarette Lighter

chargerThis is one of those ideas that cant go wrong. If your device uses USB, look into this! I’m currently using Belkins version for the iPhone with the SHORT curly cord. Its so annoying because when I talk I’m limited on slack. It feels like someone is pulling the phone out of my hand. Also it takes FOR-EVERRR to charge. If I use my own USB cable with the cigarette lighter plug, I should have my slack back!

Apr 23, 2009

Tire Totes


Why didn’t I think of this. This is one of those ideas that you can kick yourself over for not doing first. I don’t know how many times I got grime all over my hands and clothes just by carrying a tire. Even transporting them in your car could be messy.

I’m not sure where to get these and I’m not suggesting you get the Audi brand, but consider the the tote for a clean way to transport tires.

Race Driver: GRID

As I’ve said before this is the best racing game out right now. I was a complete Gran Turismo head for years, and I still have respect for the game. They simply missed the mark. While GT focused more on asthetics and realism, GRID focused on fun THEN realism, etc. Remember, it’s a video game not racing school. Emphasis on game. I forgot how to have fun while playing GT. When I found GRID I was overcome by the graphics that looked as if you were there. Not visually, but the way they position the cameras and the experience. You have to play to understand what I mean.

What I am not too crazy about is the multiplayer game play. The game itself is great, it’s the people that drive me crazy, no pun intended. There are a lot of gaming cowards, for lack of a better term. These guys don’t know the meaning of clean racing. Some, like the fact that you’re able to pit maneuver the leader out of position. Once this happens you head to the rear of the pack and you will never catch up to 1st, even if you’re the best driver. There is however, a mode where you can turn collisions off. This mode focuses on driver speed ¬†around the track. When you come upon another driver you simply “ghost” right through him. Only thin is you don’t get the realistic experience of passing and managing other drivers.

So, there’s something for everyone. I will say that you WILL want to throw the controller through your 50″ flat at some point, do please resist and remember to have fun!

P.S. I’m “dzynone” on the PS3 network if you wanna race!!

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