Electric Mini


eMini2I was in Santa Monica, CA. last night visiting my cousin at work. He works for the city and I parked amongst the municipal vehicles. As I exited, and walked past various city vehicles which include the Prius, Rav4, Escape, etc., to my surprise I see an Electric Mini! Just one though. 

I often wonder why the electric car isn’t more abundant. My answer could be just that battery technology just isn’t here yet. By here I mean to us general population folks. I’m sure Lockheed or some other government weapons manufacturer has this battery tech already to go. 

What if cars ran on the same technology as military vehicles? Military subs and battle ships can run for 20 years on nuclear power. I’m sure there will be some hazard issues, but they can be worked out.  Just think you’ll never have to fill up or charge up. Oh well, that’s my idea. but in the meantime. This Mini could be a potential Prius killer meaning one doesn’t have to deal with the ugly design and look of the Prius or Honda Insight but gets the efficiency.

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