Apr 24, 2009

Modern Mechanics

I recently posted a rant about how horrible our gas stations are here in the states. Well, along with that I should now include auto shops. I just saw one of the coolest shops ever online. Peep the pics below and thanks to coolhunter!

This place is in the UK and is called HiQ. Take note Pep Boys!



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  • That is definitely the best shop I’ve seen excluding a Formula 1 garage, LOL, but I think the difference is the mechanics in the UK take pride in their civilian automotive lifestyle…. Well from what I can see since I’ve never been there.

    I would like to see the U.S. slow down, not be so money hungry and create a fun, trusting auto service for our communities. I believe that would be a bigger and faster profit in the long run. What do you think?

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