Belkins USB Cigarette Lighter

chargerThis is one of those ideas that cant go wrong. If your device uses USB, look into this! I’m currently using Belkins version for the iPhone with the SHORT curly cord. Its so annoying because when I talk I’m limited on slack. It feels like someone is pulling the phone out of my hand. Also it takes FOR-EVERRR to charge. If I use my own USB cable with the cigarette lighter plug, I should have my slack back!

Jul 4, 2009

The Powerslide with Tiff Needell

Needell is best known in the United Kingdom as a television presenter and television and print motoring journalist, in particular in association with the BBC TV series Top Gear which he started co-hosting in 1987. In 2001, when the BBC cancelled Top Gear (the show was brought back in 2002), Tiff and the whole cast defected and signed with Five to produce and host a new motoring show named Fifth Gear. He does however, still contribute to Top Gear magazine.

Tiff is known for his controlled smooth powerslides. We all want to do this. Well heres how it’s done. Be safe!

Common Sense

I really shouldn’t have to post this but, it was so comical at the time I had to share it. How much of a hurry would you have to be in to leave your car slanted in an already tight space. Isn’t this person concerned at all about THEIR car being hit? Guess not.


The Stig in the Aston Martin DBS-R

top-gear-the-stigSome say he was forged out of steel and fire in the devil’s own pit garage, or that he trickled to the surface of an oil pocket deep in the Earth’s crust. All we know is, he’s called the Stig.

The in house test driver for Top Gear shows us exactly why he’s the test driver for Top Gear in this YouTube clip.

May 16, 2009

Nissan GTR Brochure

Here’s a brochure I found on the Nissan GTR.

6 color styles available:

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