580HP Audi R8 Razor GTR

One of my future rides.

One of my future rides.

I found this one while reading an article by Scott Evans. The Audi was already a beast. Someone now has raised its bar even higher. PPi Automotive Design in Germany broke out the wrenches on this one. I have been known to say that I didn’t really like the design of the stock version as much as everyone else, bit this treatment is making me smile.

This version is 551 lbs. lighter to make 3000lbs. With the supercharger, it gets up to 580HP and 443 ft lbs of torque. Its he;d up with adjustable coil over suspension and huge brakes to slow it down. Enough about the numbers…JUST LOOK at it. Ice cold!

Not sure if its for sale yet. Haven’t seen any numbers.

Auto Beef

First it was governments, then rappers, now cars? LOL. Heres some fun concept ads from rocketpunchautoblog.


Apr 25, 2009

James Stewart Interview

James interviewed after points lead. Lose the scarf my man ;)

Apr 24, 2009

Modern Mechanics

I recently posted a rant about how horrible our gas stations are here in the states. Well, along with that I should now include auto shops. I just saw one of the coolest shops ever online. Peep the pics below and thanks to coolhunter!

This place is in the UK and is called HiQ. Take note Pep Boys!



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