Apr 23, 2009

Tire Totes


Why didn’t I think of this. This is one of those ideas that you can kick yourself over for not doing first. I don’t know how many times I got grime all over my hands and clothes just by carrying a tire. Even transporting them in your car could be messy.

I’m not sure where to get these and I’m not suggesting you get the Audi brand, but consider the the tote for a clean way to transport tires.

Apr 20, 2009

How Low? How Big?


Are things getting out of control? At what point do you say to yourself, This is too much? What is the draw? So many questions? If you have large wheels or a slammed ride. Explain your interest!

Apr 20, 2009

Modern Gas Stations

Thanks to Adam Carollas Gas Rant, I can now speak on this topic now that he validated it. I have been bugged by this for years… Where is the customer service in gas Stations!? You get better service at your local ice cream parlor. What about combining IN-N-Out Burger style service and quality with a clean well thought out gas station. Also, Should one have to exit their car for a fill up?

Here are my top complaints about modern stations:

1. NO Mechanics on duty when you need them.
2. Bathrooms are hideous
3. Full serve is twice as much and they don’t even do FULL service.
4. Never any clean window cleaner in the buckets
5. AIR and Water required a FEE!
6. Pump Hoses aren’t long enough in case you park the wrong way
7. There’s no one line to wait in for a pump
8. Attendants are non-existent to help with minor issues
9. They let homeless people bother you while you pump
10. Usually not a safe place at night
11. NO RACE GAS OPTION FOR PERFORMANCE CARS! (or other alternative fueling options for that matter)

What bothers you the most about modern gas stations?

Apr 17, 2009


bmw-x6-2009I know many in my auto circle will slap me for this, but I have to give in to the X6. Especially the M! I guess its because I always hated the fact that when you have a family and kids you HAVE to get a Dodge Caravan. Fortunately I am with a female version of me, a true car girl, who will slap me silly if I brought home a Dodge Caravan. If, one day, my little leather financial advisor says its OK, I will get this bad boy. Talk about having cake and eating it too? It’s fast, sexy and BMW.

I wont bore you with specs and stats, thats what the other mags/blogs are for. I just wanna talk about how cool it is and hear what YOU have to say about it! Let me know!!!

Apr 12, 2009

Podcast: Episode 1

I’m thinking about a new car. Advice? Show notes coming soon.

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