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Oct 21, 2010

Whats the story here?

This is all the photography I could get as I enter the taping for TopGear America.

Jan 18, 2010

The Annoying Porsche

It’s raining cats and dogs in Southern California and I have to commute in it. My old commute was only 2 blocks away, my new one is 1.5 hours one way on 3 of California’s most notorious freeways. I’m fortunate enough to have a carpool partner as to bypass all the nonsense.

My carpool partner is probably sick and tired of me pointing out every bad driver on the road (me being one probably). This particular morning really got me going. I was behind a Porsche Targa 4S and we were transitioning freeways. The ramp was a long wide full circle and the Porsche decides to do 40mph all the way around it!

I’m no Porsche expert but I think they can handle a bit of rain. I wasn’t so upset that he made me go slow unnecessarily, but that he has this machine and was afraid to use it as it was intended. All I could do is roll my eyes.

Hey Buddy, You can give it a bit of gas, it’s OK…

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